Thank you for visiting Mark Hopkins Photography.

Currently, we are only accepting inquiries for photo gigs from existing or past clients, or for special photo projects.  Special projects may be a myriad of project types, but are typically not going to be standard photographic sessions such as MLS listings, business portraits, or personal portraits.  Special projects could be event photography (especially if for benefit or non-profits), artistic vision sessions for modeling or portfolio work, or unique new building construction.

Existing or past clients for MLS photography, portraits, events, and other services, please contact us via e-mail to schedule your session.

New inquiries, please contact me through this website.

Are you looking for YOUR photos?  Have you tried our CLIENT GALLERY page?  If you’re still having trouble, please e-mail me and I’ll be more than happy to help.   Lost my e-mail?  That’s okay… go to the contact page and send me your info and I’ll help you out!  Don’t worry, I’m only focusing on some different projects and current clients now, not going anywhere!   : )   Totally still here to help you out!


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